Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

.Doa Di Sudut Hati.

Berdiri,serasa lumpuh
Rentan dan terluka
Bukan enggan tuk bersandar
Kadang sebentar tak tertahan

Tetap berdiri di sudut hati
Dari sana tampak senyum indah
Dulu terbayang dan kukenang
Sekarang tak mau lagi itu terulang

Senyum itu berubah,
Menjadi awan mendung dan tertahan
Disana,di sudut mata
Akhirnya senyum itu ku lihat lagi,
Dan harus dibersamai air mata
Serasa sedihku tak usai
Entahlah sampai kapan
Hanya bisa ku ucap
lantunan doa dan harapan
Ya Rabb,,
Tak mungkin dan tak bisa ku bahagiakannya
Kutitipkan dia
Hilangkan gundah dan sedihnya
Bahagiakan dirinya
Biarkan senyumnya tetap ada
Usapkan isak tangisnya
Izinkan aku untuk tetap mengenang indahnya.


Selasa, 27 September 2011

ini yang luar biasa.

awal senyum itu kulihat
indah dan merekah
arahku berbalik dan mengikuti
tak sengaja kubilang rencana

kukatakan ini indah
seperti aku melihat
ada bintang yang terang
pelangi yang indah
tapi sayang hanya saat itu

kecewa aku ketika
mendung dan mulai gerimis
bintang itu tak nampak lagi
pelangipun sembunyi

raga serasa renta dan terluka
jiwaku basah oleh tetesan rasa
rasa yang berbeda,
dan aku salah
walau hanya mimpi indahku
tapi tetap merindunya
terlalu mengenangnya
ini tak terjadi,
beribu kali kukatakan
tinggalkan mimpi itu
tapi hatiku seolah berkata
cinta belum saatnya

siapa yang salah
aku,Dia atau mereka?
bukankah ini tentangmu
itu kamu mimpi indah rasaku

#masih berharap mimpi itu akan indah dan temani aku

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

The character of Mathematics

We are Mathematics Education Students. Because of it we must thanks to God. Usually we regret of the last result. We must don’t to disappointed countinuely about it ,never give up but menyerah let’s wake up to reach our goal. To reach a hope we must know the inside and outside from our self. We must know our power and weak. So we can consider that our life is full of meaning. The life called full of meaning if the life is not empty and not blind too. It refers,we must know and can fuliing our life.

Understanding about our self it is indeed will can be overcome when we transformating our self,from child-young until be an old or adult people. Based of all,life is an characteristic,in here every one can transformating to be an another characteristic people. But we must settled aware with our characther of our self. Such as adult student ,we must not to dependent of a theacher or a lecturer . we do the something based on an aware not because of get influence of another people. For example, we do the exam not only to get a good score,but it’s a need of knowledge.

Such as candidate of a teacher ,we must rightfully proud of it. Although as a Mathematics teacher we usually meet some problem such as:

· Reflekstion (symbol)

· Original object (Picture)

· Drawing(konkret)

In this case,therre are base different of the meaning of study and learning . We know that learning activities is doing by a teacher or lecturer and study is doing by a student as a obligat. It’s not an easy thing to be a craves for teacher. Something must to be know,such as:

1. To correct or repair our paradigm

2. Active to build mathematics from child until as an old people.

So,let’s to be an good people based on mathemathics charachter. ^_^

Kamis, 14 April 2011

In Depth Thinking Of Mathematic Education

We must feel so happy,when we get opportunity to learn Mathematics in Sains and Mathematics Education Faculty in a University as like as Yogyakarta State University. Mathematics Education is one of the program which have good character. In mathematics education we learn start continuely. It’s start when people at child until they are become to old people.

The matematics substance is always be increas from base or elementary until high level. In Sains and Mathematics faculty,there are two branch majors of Matematics,pure Science Mathematics and Mathematics Education. It’s very diferrence,because the last goal of them are differerce too. In Mathematics Education,the expectation of that is to be an educator or lecturer as teacher. As a teacher we must can be learning all of the student in any age. And we also try to understand them,because they are compossing people,who consist from difference background.

In there,we must can comparing the level of age student with litlle beat of them. We must know the method when we learning mathematics at Pre-Elementary(Kindy Garden),Elementary School,Junior High School,Senior High School and at University. Except it cause of different of age,it also know that the goal and subatance or range are different too. So the method which we use when we as a teacher are different too. In Kindy Garden we learing mathematics as a litlle base knowledge,in here it’s more than based as a games and it will be give happy to the child. Be different with younger student,the students in here more than learn to get the concrete mathematics substance. Whereas in older people,they study it to abstraction it,so they can planing the mathematics education in they days. They will be an idealizem people who know the value of mathematics.

In these case,we can see the different of it,when we meet a problem

4 7

Which the numbers are more big than other?



The answer is 4,

4 is more big than 7 because the size of 4 more big than the size of 7

The answer is 7,

7 is more big than 4,because the value of 7 is more big than 4

From that we must know that the thinking system of they are difference. In here we must know not only about nature of mathematics but also know about the nature of School Mathematics too. Obey of Ebbult & Straker(1995) they said that

· Mathematics is a search for pattern or relationship

· Mathematics is problem solving activity

· Mathematics is investigation activity

· Mathematics is a mean of communication

Be sides it we must can build a good attitude of student,as like as

1. The student have good motivation and apretiation

2. The student learn mathematics individuality

3. The student learn in colaboration with others

4. The student learn mathematics in contex

Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

A Nice Meeting

A Nice Meeting

At afternoon Friday, I have an English class. The beginning schedule of english at the first time,but there are some cause the english class changed at fourth time. Whereas,my class have another schedule at second time. An hour interval of class made my friends and me so confused. We didn’t know what will we do. As usual we having a rest at my room rent. In there we thinking about english class for this day,because before we never meet our english lecturer. Besides that, I’m not fluent speak english. So, It make me felt lazy.

At 12.30 o’clock. We are must be prepared to join in english class. Today was very hot, so we were lazy. But we went to campus together. Eventually we arrived at D07.209 room. “wooow” we frightened cause of the condition in the room. The room used another agenda.In there, we didn’t see my other friends and my lecturer. I’m so confused and happy too, because I think the english class was canceled. Finally,I meet my classmate and then we came together in side mosque room. In there we have discuss about english class . My friend tried to contact my lecturer and look for replace room. During we waited for it, we felt boring because of nothing information.

Eventually,my lecturer came and He walked sturdy. His name is Mr. Marsigit. He looked so scary for me. We as soon as went to the classroom. We came in the classroom, in there we were not find an air conditioner. The classroom was an old building, we only found some windows and a fan. Because the wheather so hot, we need it. My friend’s and I struggle the chair to sit on it. My lecturer sit in front of his students and he gave an instruction to sit arround him. And then, we start the study by introduce our self, it beggining from our lecturer. During it,the situation were so strained. Nothing any voice from the student’s, all of student’s only stay calm. At last,he ask to the student’s,”any question for me?”. One of my friend’s ask him to explain about the arrangement to join at english class. But he said “any other?”. Another my friends asked “contact person?”..

Hemmmm..”did you ask me,why cause of my neck?”

The strained situation were change. When we hear it, All students were laugh. At last the introduction session began. He introduce him self and he tell us about the meaning of his name. He said that all of the name has a meaning. In his oppinion,his name is arrangement of three vocab,there are mars, see and gate. It means is a geat to see a mars planet. After that I motivated to clarify of my name. DEWI NASIROH,In my oppinion my name has a good meaning, a beutifull woman who has an important character as like a rice who has an important function to build our live.^o^

The next introduce of the students, it began from early absent number . We asked about our address and he ask some question too. When he ask to me, he made our class lough because of some his question for me. I was so shy at that moment,but i know it’s only justkidding.....:D

I sit on left sides of her chair, i felt so reticent. In the middle of the introduction, he tell his experience,education,family and others. From his story, I was so inspirated to do the best in the live.

Finally,we discuss about the law to join in englishclass. First task, we must have a blog account to share our task,and we get job to make a story about this meeting and then we must posting it on blog. Although it so difficult for me,I didn’t give up to do it. I think it made me to be a person who has a brave to do something. And I hope I can speak english fluently and know all about english subject.

Let’s fun to study English


Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

let's sing a song ^o^

Aku berjalan di dalam kesendirian
Aku mencoba .. tak mengingat mu, tak mengenang mu…
Aku t’lah hancur lebih dari berkeping-keping
Karna cintaku karna rasaku
Yang tulus padamu

Begitu dalamnya aku terjatuh
Dalam kesalahan rasa ini

Jujur aku tak sanggup, aku tak bisa
Aku tak mampu dan aku tertatih
Semua yang pernah kita lewati
Tak mungkin dapat ku dustai
Meskipun harus tertatih

Begitu dalamnya aku terjatuh
Dalam kesalahan rasa ini

Jujur Aku tak sanggup, aku tak bisa
Aku tak mampu dan aku tertatih
Semua yang pernah kita lewati
Tak mungkin dapat ku dustai
Meskipun harus tertatih